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Some Recent Reviews

“I have a very stressful job sitting at a desk all day. Large knots form throughout my shoulders and lower back. I also have several pinched nerves along my spine from car accidents so I suffer from a lot of pain. Over the years, I’ve had a lot of massages. Some massage therapists would work out the knots, but then I’d be sore the next day because they aggravated my injuries. Others would provide a relaxing massage, but didn’t remove the knots. Tom was able to accomplish both. He worked out all of the knots in a gentle way so I wasn’t in pain or sore, plus at the end of the massage I was more relaxed than I’ve ever been. I admit that I was concerned about having a strange man in my home alone, but Tom was always professional and very respectful. Once you try him, you’ll never go to anyone else again.”


“There are massages and there are MASSAGES!!! Tom is the latter. He is professional, courteous and extremely talented! I damaged my low back in a serious accident several years ago and frankly I'd given up on expecting anyone to be able to provide me with relief. Tom not only helped to alleviate my low back pain he was also able to improve my overall pain level in a few short sessions. I have had tons of massage therapy sessions over the years but the only massage therapist that I keep calling back is Tom. If Tom isn't your first call...then you dialed the wrong number.”

                                                                               Kim Brae

    “Wow!!! Tom is amazing. I can't believe how much better I felt after a 90 minute session with Tom. There are not enough words to say how happy I am with my session. I feel like I won the lottery. He is fantastic!! So nice, so courteous, so polite, so everything! Don't miss out on Tom; really, I was sooooo impressed. I cannot wait to book an appointment with him again. My worries are he'll become so popular I won't be able to book as much time as I’d like.”  


   “Tom responded to my initial phone call while out of town and we arranged a convenient time for an appointment upon his return. We set up an outcall to my home. He arrived on time and ready to help with my pinched nerve problem.

He has a great touch, and he made me feel very comfortable. He worked very hard on my shoulder area [the location of my pinched nerve] and then followed through with a soothing Swedish style massage for the the rest of me.

I definitely recommend him and I will hire him again.”



I usually don't do this but I got a massage from Tom last night and I had to just say how wonderful it was. I haven't gotten many massages in my home but this was the best by far!!! He was very nice and professional from the moment he came in. And I must say as a woman I am always a little nervous about having someone come to my home. Anyway It was a great massage to say the least and it didn't hurt that he is very cute!!! Well Thank you Tom so much for the wonderful service. I will be calling you again for sure!!!!!!

Here is his website if anyone else wants to try him out...

Thanks again”


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